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Welcome to Fox College of Business, your best choice to learn practical knowledge in commercial real estate.  Fox College of Business is the first school in the world that provides lease audit program to accounting, legal and real estate professionals all over the world.   We are also an Approved Education Provider by the Registrar, REBBA 2002.  Other than specialized in real estate, we are also the experts in management, finance and marketing fields.

Fox College of Business is a private business college certified by the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; which means our certificate and diploma courses are eligible for tuition tax credit.  We are committed to provide the most flexible learning method to students.  There is no minimum class requirement.  In order to accommodate studentsí preference on place and time, we offer one on one lecture without any additional cost.

Based on our experience, students learn more effectively in one-on-one instructions. They are given the opportunities to learn more in the areas that interest them, to explore other related topics in the field and to ask questions freely without worrying hindering other students. As our instructors are the subject expert in the field, students can learn more than the curriculum states if they want to discover more in that subject.

Our professors and instructors can go to your company or students can come to our campus in Mississauga, a hotel in the city where you reside, your local library, board of trade or any place suitable for you (subject to availability and college's approval) at your convenience.  Students can also take advantage of distance learning so that they can work and study at the same time.


At Fox College of Business, we emphasize in delivering practical knowledge instead of only discussing theories that students may not be able to apply to their daily works. Our short term courses, such as the acclaimed Putting People First, are especially welcomed by corporations for their informative contents and interesting presentations.

All professors and instructors of Fox College of Business are industry practitioners and subject-matter experts with years of experience in the field they teach. Their presentations are interesting, informative and practical. Students can apply the knowledge in the course to their daily practices to improve their work performance immediately after finishing the course.

All professors of Fox College of Business hold a master degree related to the field they teach, or a bachelor degree plus a professional designation in the subject they are specialized.  As a result, we are one of the few business schools that can deliver top quality programs to employees at all levels, from clerical staff to top executives.

Fox College of Business is committed to provide superior education in a practical way.  Through the years, we have been trained to listen, to observe and to customize our approach to individual needs.  Now we are able to provide knowledge and share our experience to our students to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that they already have. 

Our programs include industry specialties like Lease Audit, Commercial Leasing and Accounting to more general subjects such as Leadership, Effective Management and Interpersonal Skills.  In order to provide better education to the public, Fox College of Business has teamed up with the Association of Canadian Lease Auditors, the only organization in Canada that provides education and service to lease audit professionals, to provide lease audit courses to Canadians.  The Association of Canadian Lease Auditors has also appointed Fox College of Business as their sole agent to deliver all the association's lease auditing education courses to the public.

All in all, Fox College of Business is a business college emphasizes on practical knowledge, designed for a dynamic business world and for those who wish to gain practical knowledge through effective training.

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