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Accredited Diploma Programs in Real Estate Available Via Distance Learning
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Accredited Diploma Program for Licensed Real Estate Practitioners

(Fast Track)

Our diploma program is tailor made for licensed real estate practitioners who have busy schedules but want to upgrade their knowledge and credential within a short period of time. 


Originally designed as a two-year program for high school graduates.  Now, it is tailor made to fit the background of real estate professionals so that it is condensed to a five-day intensive course (students can make their own schedule for the 5 days, 35 hours in total).


All courses can be held at your office, our Mississauga campus, a hotel in the city where you reside, your local library, board of trade or any place suitable for you (subject to availability and college's approval).  We provide flexible learning schedule with make up lessons and the option of distance learning.


This program is accredited by the Association of Canadian Lease Auditors and can substitute the courses Contract Law and Financial Analysis of Leases in applying their Certified Lease Auditor designation.

Students can enjoy classroom discussion or take the benefits of distance learning.  You must be a licensed real estate agent in the province of British Columbia or Ontario in order to be qualified to enroll.  For other professionals, please contact us and we will assess your credential on a case by case basis.

Class Room Learning ($5,500)


Distance Learning ($4,800)




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