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Certificate in Accounting and Finance by Distance Learning


This is an intensive five day course that teach important concepts, principles and techniques of accounting and finance.

Students have one to four months to complete this program and can take the advantage of distance learning (correspondence) so that they can work and study at the same time.



At the end of this program students will be able to:


► Understand, prepare and improve accounting ledgers

Increase their negotiation power

Have more confidence in their presentations

Have a better understanding of business law

Effectively manage their personal investment


Course Outline


The accounting framework and some accounting concepts

Study of financial statements

Introduction to financial ratios and financial statement analysis

Basic cost concepts and cost behaviour

Introduction to cost accounting

Short-run alternative choice decisions

Long-run decisions: capital budgeting

Operating budget and cash budget


Course fee is $2,950.00, please download registration form from the right or press here.



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