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Distance Learning Courses


A combination of online resources and assignments via email, distance learning provides opportunities for people who want to take advantage of fast results, flexible learning method and interactions with professors.


The benefits of Distance Learning through Fox College of Business are:

Participate in world class programs

No need to attend classes

No examination required

Flexible learning hours

Broaden your practical knowledge

Have a better understanding of materials

Lower tuition fee

No interrupting job

No travel required

Available at anytime

Followings are the courses currently available via distance learning:

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion New

Certificate in Accounting and Finance

Certificate in Business Management

Certificate in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Certificate in Contemporary Marketing

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Certificate in Feng Shui Theories

Certificate in Investment Analysis

Certificate in Lease Audit

Certificate in Legal Studies

Certificate in Property Management

Certificate in Real Estate Appraisal

Certificate in TEFL



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