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Corporate Training



Fox College of Business works with employers to create more effective, happier and loyal workforces.  We partner with corporations to develop custom training programs to fit their company-specific strategies or industry-wide ones.  If you want to increase your organization's productivity, to make your employees' performance more competitive, or to improve the overall working environment in your organization; we will be able to assist you.


We will assist you in defining your goals and then create a training program specific to the needs of your organization.  You have a choice of selecting existing courses or creating a custom made curriculum.  We will partner with you to design, develop, and deliver a program that is perfect for your culture, budget, and needs.  You may take advantage of choosing our existing courses which may already serve the purpose and achieve your goals.  They are cost effective courses and can be delivered to your staff immediately.


Training programs available


Certificate in Retail Management

Fox Self-efficacy Program



Training courses available


Advanced Commercial Leasing

Court Cases Study - Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Court Cases Study - Commercial Real Estate Sales

Effective Management

Effective Writing Skills

Fuzzy Management

IFRS in Canada

Office Feng Shui

Putting People First

The 9 Ps of Marketing



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