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Office Feng Shui


A scholastic approach to study Feng Shui.  This intensive one day course talks about how the traditional Chinese Feng Shui can affect your daily life in the office.  It also gives you an idea how Feng Shui is developed, its theories and foundations so that you can easily change your office setting to get the best possible Feng Shui It is interesting, informative and practical. 


At the end of the program, students will be able to:


Understand the nature of Qi, Yin Yang and its balance

Understand the nature of 5 elements and how to balance them

Understand the principles and basic theories of Feng Shui

Use any compass to tell the directions in a Bagua

Calculate one's trigram number


Course Highlights


The development of Feng Shui

The Qi and Yin Yang

The Five Elements

The two types of Bagua, their characteristics and applications

Differences between two main categories of Feng Shui

Discover your own trigram


Cost (HST not included)

Lecture: $950

Corporate Plan: Enrollment for 2 - 10% discount

                      Group of 3 to 6: $2,500



Please download registration form HERE



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