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Fox Self-efficacy Program


Self-efficacy is crucial to everyone - preschoolers, students, homemakers, employees and employers. It reflects the confidence level in the ability to exert control over their behaviour, motivation, and social environment. It influences the goals for which people strive, the amount of energy expended toward goal achievement, and the likelihood of attaining particular levels of behavioural performance. We help people to enhance their self-efficacy level through the following areas:


► Listening
► Questioning
► Interpretation
► Expression and Presentation
► Problem Solving
► Verbal Communication
► Non-verbal Communication
► Social Awareness
► Self-management
► Manners and Attitudes
► Time Management
► Rights and Obligations
► Assertiveness


We have different curriculums to fit different group of learners, from toddlers to matured adults.  Please email us for details.


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