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Court Cases Study - Commercial Real Estate Leasing  



This is an intensive 2-day course to explore the important issues of commercial real estate leasing.


At the end of the program, students will be able to:


Have a better understanding of how the case law, common law and contract law apply to leases

Understand the legal implications of clauses omitted or wrongfully drawn

Avoid drafting unenforceable or ambiguous commercial leasing clauses

Apply basic rules in drafting good leasing clauses

know the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants under the law


Course Highlights


Guarantor or Indemnifier?

Guarantee Stopped When Lease Was Renewed

‘Contract to make a Contract’ is not a Contract

Some Rights End With Lease Renewal

The Operating Covenant Trio

Relocation Was Not Ordered

The Definition of Convenience Store

What Is a Net Lease?

Director Had to be Jointly Liable

It is Under the Common Law!

Everything Has to be Repeated When Renewed?


Cost (HST not included)

Lecture: $1,950

Corporate Plan: Enrolment for 2 - 10% discount

                      Group of 3 to 6: $4,900



Please download registration form HERE



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