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Certificate in Legal Studies

Distance Learning is also available - Click Here


An intensive 5-day course that offers individuals the opportunity to explore the subject areas of law in Canada, distance learning is also available.  Ideal candidates for this course include:


Professionals from different jurisdictions (e.g. civil law countries)

Internationally trained lawyers wanting to become familiar with Canadian law

Managers and supervisors in any field

Professionals in accountancy, insurance, real estate, government and non-profit organizations


Legal professionals needing updates in specific legal subjects

Individuals who have an interest in the law and its many aspects


At the end of the program, students will be able to:


Have an understanding of common law - its characteristics and development

Know the reasoning and application of agency law

Know the elements, legality, formation, termination and remedies (of breach) of a contract

Understand the development of real property law and its application

Understand the need of other legislations and their impact on our business and daily life


Course Outline


Introduction to the English Legal System

Introduction to Agency Law

Introduction to Contract Law

Introduction to Real Property Law

Other Important Legislations


Cost (HST not included)

Lecture: $3,250

Distance Learning: $2,950

Corporate Plan (lecture only): Enrolment for 2 - 10% discount

                                          Group of 3 to 6: $6,500 per group



Please download registration form HERE.



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