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Higher Diploma in Vocal Teaching

(A Two-year Full Time Program with Fast Track Option)


This is a rarely found diploma program in vocal teaching with practical knowledge.  It is a flexible two-year program that teaches you how to become a professional vocal teacher.  You may be able to finish the course in less than one year if you perform well in a pre-enrollment audition.  You have a choice in language of lecture - English, Mandarin or Cantonese.


Engaging, Hands-on Learning Activities

Through practical, hands-on classroom activities, including such assignments as listening tests and singing auditions, you practice and learn about vocalization, resonance, breathing, projection, vocal range, tone and accent and styles. By the time you complete the higher diploma program, you will have well honed vocal training abilities that will serve you well in your vocal teaching career.

Exceptional Faculty

Gladys Chan, your professor, possesses special talents in discerning subtle differences in sound. This makes her a gifted voice coach.  She can help you to understand the tiny difference in producing voice using different parts of your muscles; so that you can teach your students the same in the future.  Besides being a renowned vocal teacher, Gladys is also a professional singer. Her personal concerts and CDs showcased the best singing art. Gladys is widely regarded as one of the foremost vocal coaches and the most influential singers in Canada.


Program Eligibility

Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent.


Tuition Fee

$25,000 per year


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